AW Repair Group are proud to announce that they have received the Carbon Footprint Group Bodyshop Award and The Most Green Business Solutions Platinum Award at NBRA’s second Greener Bodyshop Awards, held on 9th September at West Midlands Safari Park.

In February 2021, AW were the first bodyshop group in the UK to achieve Carbon Neutral to the PAS2060 standard, working with ECA Business Energy.

AW’s commitment to achieving Carbon Neutrality and why it was important to the group can be heard in this short film, documented by Founder & CEO, Andrew Walsh:

The ‘Green’ Group worked through the three scopes to calculate the emissions across their 9 sites and offset their carbon emissions through a Verra accredited project. AW have also targeted a reduction per job year on year of 2%, which is evidenced in their carbon management plan.

To achieve the reduction in carbon emissions, Electric & Hybrid courtesy and company vehicles now complete AW’s fleet with Project EV ChargePoints installed across the growing group, plus the use of green and recycled parts through Synetiq and eBay has increased.

Andrew Walsh, Founder & CEO commented, “It’s important for us to do the right thing for the planet. As a keen scuba diver I have seen first-hand the damage caused by mankind to our environment and ecosystem so I am proud that AW have achieved PAS2060 and we are already on our second-year journey. Energy saving products and processes have always been a high priority when opening new sites and refurbishing existing and will continue to be.”

In addition to winning the Group Carbon Footprint Award, AW also scooped a The Most Green Business Solutions Platinum Award at the ceremony, this comes after the group achieved a Gold Award in 2019 at NBRA’s first Greener Bodyshop Awards held at Birmingham Sealife Centre.

AW achieved this award after adopting no less than 25 greener solutions within their group, including motion-sensor LED Lighting, Skate & Rail vehicle transfer system, eco-friendly radiant heating and many other solutions, all working in tandem to reduce carbon emissions to achieve a greener future.

AW continue to strive for environmental sustainability across all 11 sites. Their main aim is to reduce their overall carbon footprint, which is evidenced in their PAS2060 carbon management plan by using eco-friendly products and processes across all aspects of Vehicle Body Repair, both in the bodyshop and offices.