The Greener Bodyshop Awards is Back

The Greener Body Shop Awards is back… and award registrations are now open. 

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What’s Next?

Come to our next event!

NBRA are hosting another webinar on the 7th June 2021 which will be focusing on an Electric Truck Programme and Technical Update. During this webinar you will learn about how DAF can help both body builders and repairs through providing knowledge and information to affectively work on their vehicles. You will also gain further understanding into some of the key systems that the modern truck employs.

Let’s get technical

Our Technical Request Service

The Technical Request service is available to any member that has Subscribed or registered for this service and gives access to a comprehensive library of vehicle manufacturer repair methods that is essential in today’s world of repairing vehicles.

Explore Repair Jobs

The NBRA RepairJobs platform is designed to help those in our industry who have been adversely impacted by Covid-19 and find themselves currently unemployed.

How Can We HelpYou?

HR Advice

Get valuable feedback from our team of HR specialists who are always on hand to help with anything you need.

Legal Advice

With the NBRA you can get specialist legal advice from our NBRA retained solicitors with years of motor industry bodyshop experience.

Get In Touch With Us!

Whether you’re looking for HR Advice, Legal Advice, or Independent Conciliation you can use our contact form below and it will be sent directly to the relevant department.

Explore our VirtualVDA Application

As an NBRA member, you will have full access to our VirtualVDA application built in partnership with Intelauto Ltd. who are powering the RepairTech market to digitally enhance the position of the repairer market.  

Utilising key market analysis and good practice the NBRA want to bring the best offering to our members to utilise, training, tips and hints, access to good practice, and technical experts to assist you with all your assessment and vehicle repair plan needs.

Think of VirtualVDA as the key resource for Vehicle Damage Assessors in the UK, and with your involvement we can built a united approach to drive a compliant and researched / justified repair proposition.