Greener Bodyshop Awards 2022 – They’re Back!

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West Midlands Safari Park, Thursday 20th October.

The NBRA launched the Greener Bodyshop Awards back in 2019 and we were staggered by the enthusiasm and take-up of the initiative.

2021 welcomed a bigger programme, with more awards, more finalists, and more winners. The event itself also saw more people and more laughs (according to Chris!), but more importantly, it raised awareness, the industry came together, and we promoted our industry in a favourable light, showing that we, as an industry, are committed to doing the right thing not just for ourselves, but for our people and the eco-system that surrounds them.

We feel it is imperative to raise awareness and rewards those who are going beyond the ‘norm’ to act responsibly, to protect the environment and to give back to their communities. We are delighted to announce the return of the Greener Bodyshop Awards on 20 October 2022.

ENTER: The Greener Bodyshop Awards 2022…

The NBRA Greener Bodyshop Awards is the perfect opportunity for your business to get recognised for its green initiatives.

Our judges are looking for bodyshops that have implemented creative and innovative ways of reducing their environmental impact. If you’re doing your bit to help preserve our planet, then we want to hear from you!

Being a finalist or winner of the NBRA Greener Bodyshop Awards can give your business a real edge over the competition. It shows customers and suppliers alike that you’re serious about being environmentally responsible, and it could even lead to new opportunities down the line.

Enter now for your chance to be recognised as one of the greenest bodyshops in the country!

NBRA Green Bodyshop Award

We are looking to recognise NBRA bodyshops that have adopted multiple NBRA "Green Supplier Solutions" to help their business become more environmentally friendly.
Open to NBRA Members only.


Carbon Footprint (Group and Independent)

Recognises the Independent Bodyshop and Group that are focused on their Carbon Footprint and have gone furthest along the journey towards Carbon Zero on a measured basis


Carbon Footprint Biggest YOY improver

On a properly measured basis, we will award the bodyshop who has made the biggest improvement Year-On-Year towards carbon zero.
Open to NBRA Members only.


Environmental innovation

We are looking for the most innovative and creative idea, implemented by a bodyshop, that has a positive effect on the environment.
Open to NBRA Members and Suppliers.


Diversity Award

This award will recognise a bodyshop that has made the biggest effort to embrace every aspect of diversity in the workplace.
Open to NBRA Members and Suppliers.


Pride of Bodyshop Award

Do you know a bodyshop or have an employee that has done something truly amazing and selfless to help a friend, a colleague, a customer, a business or whomever? What is your story?
This award is open to anyone working in any UK Bodyshop - Not just members.


Charity award

What have you, or a colleague or the business done to help a particular charity that is an outstanding achievement?
Open to NBRA Members and Suppliers


Bodyshop Staff Wellbeing

What is your business doing that is outstanding in the field of bodyshop wellbeing?
Open to NBRA Members only.


Outstanding support for Bodyshops Award

This award will recognise a Supplier, Insurer, Work Provider or similar that has gone over and above to help an NBRA Member business. If you know anyone who fits this bill, get in touch
Open to any non-bodyshop.



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