Within its latest report – ‘EV Readiness’Trend Tracker has collaborated with leading market research business, Consumer Intelligence, to understand how the general UK population consider electric vehicles in future mobility plans.

From the 980 people who answered the survey, 71 have at least one electric or hybrid vehicle, equating to 7.2% market conversion as of June 2021. This survey would be seen to be higher than the overall trend seen in the UK, with the expected conversion of 2020 to be around 2% (ET&T,2020). However, trends are showing that new car sales are seeing an exponential rise in electric and hybrid vehicles, with 38% of new vehicles sales being an electric, hybrid or mild hybrid vehicle from Jan-Jun 2021, a 94% increase from 2020 (SMMT, 2021).

For this ‘general public opinion’ section, which will enhance the findings of the Report for readers who otherwise would be attaining industry opinion, a 27-question survey used was answered by 980 households, equating to 1,143 vehicles. In addition to this a second 23-question survey was distributed to specifically EV owners, to understand their viewpoint having owned an EV.

The second survey was answered by 146 EV owners in the UK.

Consumer Intelligence is one of the UK’s leading market research businesses and is renowned for its unique research approach to attain some of the most honest and accurate consumer research. In addition to their multitude of award wins for their service, government and regulators have been known to use their findings, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Due to be launched on World EV Day – a global movement to celebrate and support the transition to EV mobility – Trend Tracker’s second in the series of quarterly reports, ‘EV Readiness’ features a wide-ranging industry study, expert insight and analysis of the latest EV market trends.

The ‘EV Readiness’ Report is free to subscribers of Trend Tracker and available to purchase for £395+VAT. The EV report will be followed by a focus on Supply Chain Sustainability in the Autumn.

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