TrendTracker and its Data Partner, Consumer Intelligence, have found from their latest survey that 74% of people do not believe the Government’s plans for net zero will be achieved within the current target date of 2030.

TrendTracker has collaborated with leading market research business, Consumer Intelligence, to understand how the general UK population consider electric vehicles in current and future mobility. Two surveys have been undertaken – the results of which will be part of the forthcoming Trend Tracker report on EV readiness.

One headline statistic worth sharing shows that the UK population are not convinced that government targets will not meet their deadline. The statistics used have been derived from 980 households with 1,143 vehicles amongst the respondents.

Paul Sell, Director and Co-Owner of Trend Tracker said: “As a new EV owner I can empathise with some of the challenges outlined in the responses that are at the heart of this lack of confidence in the Government reaching its ambitious targets. Working with our key data partners in this case Consumer Intelligence is ensuring Trend Tracker provides the industry with important, relevant and regular insights.”

He added: “The survey respondents have given us a great amount to consider for our upcoming report, worthy of further discussion; however, I wonder how much of the lack of confidence is lack of information, our report details some of the actions being taken by government, manufacturers and our industry to be EV ready which are not always available to the public eye. Our report is therefore aiming to provide a total viewpoint, not just from within our industry.”

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