With its multiple benefits of time, product and energy cost savings, the G360 Super Fast Polishing System from Farécla continues to win over ever more bodyshops. Last year was another record sales year for G360 with a 20% increase on the previous annual sales figure, as the system continued its inexorable rise.

To make it even easier for new users to try out the system, Farécla is launching two low-cost system kits, one for 6” applicators, the other for mini applicators.

The G360 Starter Kit (part number KT3036) offers trial amounts of all the key elements in one easy-to-order part number. The contents are a 500g bottle of G360 Compound and a 100ml tube of G360 Finish, offered with one of each of the three 6” pads in the system: the G Mop Super High Cut Pad which enables fast cutting from P1500, and the follow-up Yellow Angled Compounding Foam for use with the same compound to quickly remove any process marks from step one. An optional finishing step for blacks and dark colours is covered by the Black Angled Finishing Foam when paired with G360 Finish.

The second kit is the G360 SMART Repair Kit (part number KT3024). Aimed at the 3” market, this kit contains the same 500g bottle of G360 Compound and 100ml tube of G360 Finish, but paired with two exciting recent additions to the Farécla range, premium compounding and finishing foams in its mini applicator range. Both products feature new foam grades and are the result of exhaustive research, development and testing in this market. Both have the angled shape that offers the user great handling properties and visibility. Both offer excellent longevity, thanks in part to having 33% more foam than most standard mini-applicators (in both cases greater foam depth and a maximum diameter of 89mm/3.5”). In short, both are star performers.

The cutting characteristics of the maroon Premium Compounding Foam are so impressive that it has replaced two earlier high cutting SKUs, yet it also scores extremely high gloss levels so for many jobs, it can handle two processes in one step. Add to that great handling properties and impressive durability and it qualifies as an all-round superstar. Again, an optional finishing step for the most challenging of jobs is covered by the Black Angled Finishing Foam when paired with G360 Finish.

As with its 6” counterpart, this new foam grade boasts superior handling, glossing and durability.

Each of the two kits features a full colour photographic label of the contents with a QR code to access the G360 system recommended process chart in any of 11 different languages.

Both kits are packed full of quality, and to encourage trial of the G360 system they also represent tremendous value, with each offering the bodyshop a very significant discount to the aggregate price of the contents if bought separately.

Full details of the G360 Super Fast System are at www.farecla.com/G360