DVSA is  making some changes to the compliance requirements for Passenger Cars and Light Goods Vehicles

What are the changes?
LED Headlamps

Mass-produced vehicles will no longer be required to provide evidence of compliance for LED Headlamps in respect of:

Light output (Lumens)
Headlamp cleaning systems.
Evidence of compliance with the above requirements in respect of LED headlamps will still be required for:

Non-mass-produced vehicles
Modified or non-standard headlamp units
Relaxations for “Personal Import” class vehicles.

Additional relaxations will now be applied to vehicles from Singapore and Hong Kong.

Applications for an unmodified mass-produced vehicle meeting the “Personal Import” class imported from:

Singapore or Hong Kong:

These will be considered compliant with:

EC Reg 48 (Headlamps) and
EC Reg 100 (Electrical Safety)
New Zealand

Will be considered compliant with:

Reg 48 (Headlamps) only.