DVSA are making some changes to the compliance requirements for vehicles imported from Japan.

Vehicles with more than 8 seats

DVSA are unable to accept a Japanese Export Certificate as evidence of compliance for M1 category vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats in addition to the driver (typically 10).

Vehicles in Japan are categorised in the same way as in Europe and the UK. A vehicle with 8 or more passenger seats in addition to the driver is classified an M2 category vehicle which are not subject to the comparable standards provision.

We would advise against the removal of seats from an M2 vehicle, to create an M1 category vehicle: as alternative evidence of compliance will be required.

Imported Japanese vehicles that have not been registered for at least 6 months.

A vehicle will no longer be required to be registered in Japan for at least 6 months in order to make use of the comparable standards for emission requirements.

The application for Approval must be made at least 6 months after the vehicle’s date of first registration in Japan.

A compliant Export Certificate will still be required to demonstrate compliance irrespective of the actual time the vehicle has been registered in Japan.