The National Body Repair Association (NBRA) and Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association (VBRA) proudly announce the addition of Orbital Repair Solutions to their list of Supplier Members. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the repair industry, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth, collaboration, and mutual success.

Affiliation with Orbital Repair Solutions presents a unique proposition for repairers, empowering them to join a larger entity while retaining complete independence. This model enables repairers to expand their business portfolios through diverse strategic partnerships, ensuring tailored solutions for different partners and enhancing their capacity to handle repairs for various clients.

Orbital Repair Solutions, founded by Sue Wardle to unite independent repairers within the challenging confines of the M25 radius, has since expanded its integrated repair solutions across the UK with the appointment of Mark Stuart in 2023. By bringing together respected and successful businesses, the partnership emphasises straightforward honesty and ethical values, fostering mutual support and commercial benefits.

“Our collaboration with Orbital Repair Solutions underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and growth for our members and within the repair industry,” said Martyn Rowley, Executive Director of NBRA/VBRA. “We are thrilled to welcome them as a Supplier Member, knowing that this partnership will empower our members to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

Through this collaboration, repairers gain access to a wealth of industry experience, market connections, and comprehensive support services encompassing supply chain management, IT solutions, and mobility solutions. The partnership operates in a spirit of non-competitive cooperation, emphasising shared information and best practices to drive mutual success for all involved.

“With a focus on efficient service tailored to individual needs, Orbital Repair Solutions is poised to continue its expansion and collaboration with key repairers and clients beyond 2024,” added Mark Stuart.

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