Steer Automotive Group announced today the strategic acquisitions of Chartwell and M&A Coachworks, two highly coveted and respected businesses renowned for their expertise in repairing the world’s leading vehicle marques. This strategic move significantly bolsters Steer’s capabilities in the luxury vehicle repair sector, expanding its luxury repair footprint and increasing capacity to effectively support the world’s leading OEM factory recommendations, approvals and its highly valued dealership retailer partners.

Chartwell, established in 1966, and M&A Coachworks, established in 1971, collectively bring over a century of experience and luxury sector repair expertise to Steer Automotive Group. The two collective organisations hold recommendation and approval for iconic luxury brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren and Maserati.

Exiting Chairman, Mark Grogan added, “We did what we said we would, be the best! It is the collective team that have made the success of Chartwell possible”. “The decision to join Steer Automotive Group was driven by sheer dedication to our clients, colleagues, and the legacy we’ve built at Chartwell for almost 60 years. This alignment not only reflects our values and goals but also ensures the continued preservation of Chartwell’s identity. We are excited about becoming part of Steer Automotive Group and look forward to a promising future as we progress a new and exciting chapter for our business, continuing to deliver the highest levels of luxury repair standards and experience that Chartwell as a brand is established on,” expressed Chris Brightmore, CEO of Chartwell.

“Following on from M&A’s continued growth and while exploring the next steps for our business, it was clear to us from the outset that becoming part of Steer Automotive Group was the best option for us. The business was originally set up by our Chairman George Dionisiou’s father Michael Dionisiou, George Dionisiou and Richard Steer have a long history, having known each other since their early 20s, which has fostered a strong mutual respect and understanding between them. This long-standing relationship provided a solid foundation for our decision. I’m delighted that we are joining Richard and his team and we’re looking forward to the exciting future ahead under Steer’s ownership,” commented M&A Coachworks’ Managing Director Danny Rota.

Chris Brightmore, Managing Director of Chartwell, will remain operationally responsible for the Chartwell business. At M&A Coachworks, whilst George Dionisiou steps down as chairman, Dean Dionisiou, Sales Director and other family members remain in the business with Danny Rota as Managing Director. The Managing Directors of both businesses will be supported by the Steer Group, allowing them to continue to strengthen their partnerships with key OEM retailer partners, as structural vehicle repair technology for the world’s leading marques evolves more rapidly than ever.

“I am delighted to welcome Chartwell and M&A Coachworks, along with their talented teams, to our Group. These iconic brands represent the pinnacle of the luxury repair market. We are dedicated to preserving the heritage of these esteemed businesses, which are strongly associated with the world’s premier supercar brands. This acquisition significantly broadens our presence in the luxury sector and reinforces our dedication to superior automotive services” said Richard Steer, Chief Executive.