ABL 1 Touch Repair Group have continued to demonstrate commitment to the reduction of their carbon footprint by now declaring its full group wide ‘Carbon Neutral’ status in accordance with PAS2060 specifications.

As the first LV= General Insurance Sole repair site to achieve this status, ABL 1 Touch Group have continued to work with ECA Business Energy to carefully choose the correct Verra and CCB- Gold carbon offset projects for the whole group to help generate wider benefits.

Graham Roberts, Group Commercial Director said, it was extremely important to us as a business that we did not declare a carbon neutral status for the group by choosing to offset large amounts of carbon without first learning from our first site in Redhill.  It is incredible how our staff and customers have reacted to our environmentally conscious approach, and it was equally important that we work with Verra and CC-B Gold standard projects to offset our remaining carbon in the right way. We remain confident that our offset tokens go further than to plant trees but add a great deal of support to local people through various poverty prevention schemes.

The next steps for us will be to work collaboratively with our supply chain to ensure we not only use the latest products within the repair process to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, but also to improve the distribution process to further improve our scope 3 position.

The group has invested a lot of time in its culture and the importance of sustainability in all areas either directly related to the repair process or any of the peripheral services which remains a key part of the group’s strategy.

Jonathan Radford Managing Director stated, it has taken a little longer for us to declare our carbon neutral position as a group including our central offices as we wanted to make sure we changed the hearts and minds of our staff.  The team have taken this as the start of our journey towards a ‘low carbon’ position and although we still have a long way to go, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to create efficiencies in all that we do.

Duncan Taylor, Production Director added, we are extremely committed to making changes in our procedures to help drive down our group’s energy usage, but we are equally pleased to see other like-minded companies following the same commitments. When starting with our site in Redhill it seemed a long way off.  To help keep this front of mind, we have adapted our internal auditing processes to accommodate the requirements of our carbon reduction plans and each site will be encouraged to play their part in the group’s success.

The industry is coming round to the importance of various environmental changes that are required and it will become one of the single biggest focal points for customers, partners, and employees in the coming years.  Further effort is required to make this a standard consideration, but if this remains a key focus for insurers who wish to support the end-to-end repair process then the industry will gain momentum and adopt the required adjustments across the board.

ECA Business Energy Managing Director, Steve Silverwood, commented: We are delighted to have assisted ABL 1 Touch in their journey to being carbon neutral across their entire group. From the outset, it was clear that they wanted to become carbon neutral in the right way and have spent a great deal of time in engaging with their supply chain, customers, and their teams to ensure they do this. This is the first step in them working towards Net Zero and we look forward to helping them continue on this journey over the coming years.