Following discussions during and after the Trade User Group meeting yesterday the following instruction was issued to IVA examiners to extend and amend the current requirements in respect of LED and HID headlamps. Please allow time for examiners to become aware of and familiarise themselves with the instruction.


“The dispensation issued on the 21st April (and copied below) to the examination requirements for LED and Gas Discharge headlamps until 1 August 2022 has been further extended until 1 November 2022. This extension is primarily to allow more time for the DfT to consider comparable standards from other non-EC countries and to give further consideration to the methods needed to demonstrate compliance.


From receipt of this email, the following amendments to the published criteria must be applied.


As an interim step, the following standards will be considered as comparable to Regulation 48.03 when assessing the suitability of LED or Gas Discharge headlamp installations.


Evidence of compliance with the Japanese approval standard as demonstrated by Type Specification/Classification numbers on an original Export Certificate,

Evidence of compliance with the Australian approval standard as demonstrated by a vehicle displaying an ADR (Australian Design Rules) approval number on the vehicles VIN plate supported by compliance evidence to the displayed standard.


In addition,


The requirement for an LED or Gas Discharge lamp to be fitted with an automatic self-levelling system will be suspended (until 1 November 2022)


For examinations conducted from 6 July 2022 until 1 November 2022 on vehicles fitted with LED /HID headlamps the following interim requirement will apply (where evidence to ECE Regulation 48.03 or a comparable standard is not available).


the lamp

  1. a) will need to be “e” marked.
  2. b) dipped beam must remain on when switched to main beam (HID only)
  3. c) must be fitted with a wash system


For previously examined vehicles issued with an IVA30 since 01-04-2022

  • just for non-compliance of LED/HID lamp documentary evidence a free retest will be carried out through the ERA process. Where the vehicle is known to meet the above criteria re-examination is not required.
  • on all other circumstances, the vehicles will need re-examination. If the re-examination is completed before 1 November 2022, then the LED/HID lamp requirement above must be applied.


This instruction is issued on behalf of SVTA and to be applied until further formal instruction is provided.”


Regards, Nigel.