Dear Member,

Yesterday NBRA hosted another successful webinar focusing on the impending Insurance Industry Regulations (IIR) to ADAS that will currently be implemented on the 31st March 2021, it was great to see so many people in attendance to understand what this process means for the industry.

When asked whether attendees have been able to access competency training for ADAS recalibration so far, the result were clear that informative webinars such as this are completely necessary. Out of nearly 120 attendees, 38% stated that they have not yet tried to gain competence training for their repairers and 36% stated that they have, but this training has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

With the cut-off date fast approaching, this statistic tells NBRA that more work needs to be done to make sure repairers are fully competent in ADAS recalibration in order to continue repairing cars and there must be more dialogue with insurers to understand the pressures that this date presents, when current factors are taken into consideration.

In addition to this, the webinar highlighted some of the major concerns that members and repairers have with the new IIR, including costs of training. NBRA will continue to work hard as the voice for this industry to find a solution to this.