As a member of the Association Internationale des Réparateurs en Carrosserie (AIRC) and the only UK trade association for car repairers, the National Body Repair Association (NBRA) supports the calling for Access to In-Vehicle Data.

Martyn Rowley, Executive Director of the NBRA, said:

“The letter, signed by a number of European automotive trade associations, underscores the critical need for a regulatory framework that fosters fair competition, innovation, and consumer benefits in the evolving automotive landscape.

“A fair and competitive marketplace is crucial for the growth of the European automotive sector, and we commend the efforts of the undersigning associations in highlighting the significance of timely action.

The letter addresses challenges posed by a quasi-monopolistic market structure impeding the advancement of smart, sustainable, and safe mobility in Europe. It addresses the need for a regulatory framework that ensures equal access to data generated by vehicle owners/users, promoting fair competition and preventing potential annual losses for the independent automotive aftermarket and consumers.”

Martyn Rowley concluded,

“We believe that timely access to in-vehicle data is essential for the future growth of the European automotive sector, and we appreciate the opportunity to add our voice to this important conversation. The NBRA is actively engaged in discussions with European stakeholders, and we are committed to lobbying efforts to ensure a swift resolution to this pressing issue.”