Watch the latest webinar on our Virtual VDA Service

The NBRA Technical Team host a webinar with Crash Assessor UK and IntelAuto, to discuss the benefits of using our new Virtual VDA Service.

Download the Free Documentation used in the webinarFor Virtual VDA Support
Let's Get Technical

Our Technical Request Service

The Technical Request service is available to any member that has Subscribed or registered for this service and gives access to a comprehensive library of vehicle manufacturer repair methods that is essential in today’s world of repairing vehicles.

Support for your VDA to quickly check profitability on a job!

Please do have a go at our NBRA profitability calculator which is designed to help you understand job profitability before you start helping you gain control of your margins! If profit margins are not met, now is the time to discuss the job with an engineer or change the assessment to add in missed operations.

Get a Body Damage Quote!

As retail customers are currently more remote and digitally aware than they have ever been, we have teamed up with Ridgeway Technologies to bring you access to an innovative new damage pricing tool (with image capture), for light/cosmetic or SMART repairs, which has been designed to run on a mobile phone – or to plug into a website/Facebook page.


Your Vehicle

enter a vehicle registration number

Select the Damage Type

Follow the green buttons and select the most appropriate damage type(s)

Ask for Help

If you get stuck, click the ? button

Explore our VirtualVDA Application

As an NBRA member, you will have full access to our VirtualVDA application built in partnership with Intelauto Ltd. who are powering the RepairTech market to digitally enhance the position of the repairer market.  

Utilising key market analysis and good practice the NBRA want to bring the best offering to our members to utilise, training, tips and hints, access to good practice, and technical experts to assist you with all your assessment and vehicle repair plan needs.

Think of VirtualVDA as the key resource for Vehicle Damage Assessors in the UK, and with your involvement we can built a united approach to drive a compliant and researched / justified repair proposition.

Watch our recent webinar on Electric Vehicles

The NBRA Technical Team are here to help you better understand EV, the training involved, and how to unlock your work volume.

Watch Our Webinar and Download the Free DocumentationThatcham IIR Requirments