Apprenticeship Central, the apprentice recruitment and retention specialist serving the automotive aftermarket, are proud to launch ENSURE, a unique safeguarding service for businesses who employ apprentices.

In the UK, many SME’s are generally not experienced in handling younger generations and don’t have policies, procedures and support workers in place. With over two years’ working knowledge of helping support their existing employer clients with their apprentice strategies, Apprenticeship Central have a track record of working with young apprentices and are reporting that over 25% of those on their programmes have required some form of safeguarding support or guidance.

Through this activity, they have first-hand knowledge of the types of issues young people face in modern society and have a fully qualified team comprising of Morag Linwood and Mandy Gibson to deliver this increasingly important service. Through ENSURE, the Apprenticeship Central team become the employers “Designated Safeguarding Lead” and build a trusted relationship with every apprentice in their care. They deploy a range of proactive measures to regularly engage with the apprentices and are first in line if any issues arise that they need support with, both at work and in life. They provide confidential support and guidance directly with the individual, communicating with employer, family members and external agencies to provide the best support and care for that individuals circumstances until a resolution can be found.

It is widely understood that not all employers have the tools or experience to deal with some of these issues and ENSURE exists to support young people AND their employers and wider teams. In addition to becoming the employers Designated Safeguarding Lead, Apprenticeship Central author all of the employers policies and procedures required when employing young people and apprentices.

ENSURE is a cost-effective, high value service and available to any employer who recognises the need to protect and support their young apprentices. To talk to the Apprentice Central team about how they can help, please email or visit for more information.

Apprenticeship Central Ltd are the vehicle repair industry apprentice specialist for employers who need an outsourced solution to fulfil their apprentice recruitment and retention activities at an operational level. Delivery is through three main services, RECRUIT, NURTURE and ENSURE and they employ a team of specialists who support vehicle repairers – from single site operations through to MSO’s – with their apprentice needs.