A “different kind of business” that’s promising to “do right by repairers and body shop owners?” Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. But this time, it’s true. Cogent Hire really is a different kind of credit hire company. One that offers a fair deal to repairers, helping you win more work and work more smoothly with insurers.

For repairers, working with a credit hire company (CHC) has sometimes felt like being a tug of war. They’re dragging you one way, while insurers are hauling you another, and all the time you’re feeling left in the middle. Out of pocket, and out of patience.

With Cogent Hire, it’s different. For starters, they insist on giving you transparent pricing with no bottom-line repair discounts based on a pre-agreed pricing menu, and payment in full within 14 days. Plus when you refer non-fault work to Cogent Hire, you’ll receive a competitive referral fee.

From the start of every job, Cogent Hire is right there with you. Helping you put together accurate estimates, arrange independent calibrations and ADAS and source parts when you need them, and supporting your customers. Cogent Hire will even help with courtesy cars as well as credit hire vehicles to make sure your customers stay on the road.

That level of service isn’t just good for your customers – it’s good for you, helping you win more recommendations and referrals when your customers explain how simple and quick it is to get back on the road with Cogent Hire and your body shop.

That’s a better, fairer way for everyone to work.

Improve your diagnostic kit with a £200 contribution

If you need to improve your on-site diagnostic kit, partnering with Cogent Hire means you can access up to £200 towards new pre- and post-sweep equipment. That’s just one of the ways they support repairers and body shops across the UK

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