Why use Estimate Solutions?


Have you ever wondered “Could I have got more?” or “Am I charging enough?” 

If you have, you won’t be on your own – We hear this all the time. 

Using an estimating system that’s nationally endorsed by 99% of all insurers, should give you confidence that your estimate is prepared and calculated on a level playing field, removing doubt and providing reassurance. 


Help, advice and assistance are offered on all our estimates – We’re here until the job is complete and invoiced. 

If you need to run anything past us, whether it be clarification/understanding, negotiating tips or repair method choices – we will endeavour to assist and put you on the right track. 

Like you, we are Bodyshop people, we’ve probably been through all of your day-to-day troubles and pressures, so we do understand. 

Let us help you and hopefully take away some of the stresses, leaving you time to do what you’re good at – repairing and painting cars/vans etc. 



Probably the most important reason to use us – getting the estimate accurate and updated throughout the repair process will help get you paid for everything you do. 

Feedback from customers using us for the first time comes back as a revelation on what they have been missing out on.   

With justifiable charges added to their estimate which haven’t been charged for previously, along with generous paint materials costs calculated – we often hear: 

 “I wish we had used you for the past 10 years!”