The Government has confirmed to NBRA that they are temporarily allowing a longer period for Plug-in Vehicle Grant orders to complete. This measure has been brought in given current production constraints due to global semi-conductor shortages.

  •  Orders placed on the Plug in Grant Portal within the 9 months prior to 5 August 2021 will be allowed an additional 3 months, therefore a total of 12 months, to reach ‘awaiting payment’, ‘awaiting audit’ or ‘completed’ status on the portal. The extended 12 month limit will apply to any order added to the portal on or after 5 November 2020.
  • OZEV continue to allow 12 months for new orders placed on the portal for a 6 month period. This period will end at 23:59pm on 4 February 2022. OZEV may consider further extensions to the 12 month period depending on the state of the market at this point.

Any order which does not reach ‘awaiting payment’, ‘awaiting audit’ or ‘completed’ status by the usual 9 month deadline will automatically move into ‘on hold’ status on the portal.

Instructions on progressing orders which have moved to ‘On Hold’ status:

  • Manufacturers or Dealers with orders which are likely to complete within 12 months but beyond the normal 9 month limit do not need to contact DVLA until the vehicle is ready to register and deliver. The Plug in Vehicle Grant Portal is set to automatically place orders which are not completed within the usual 9 month grant completion period to ‘On Hold’ status. These orders can be reinstated (moved to either ‘in pipeline or ‘awaiting registration’ status) provided the order is eligible for and completed within the 12 month period. Members should contact the DVLA when the vehicles are due to be registered. Please include the following information:
    • Order number/s
    •  Expected registration and delivery dates for the vehicle
  • Please note that if DVLA reinstate an order which has not completed within the normal 9 month timeframe it will revert back to ‘On Hold’ status if it is not progressed by the dealer within 24 hours. Therefore please try to only contact DVLA immediately before you are ready to register the vehicle and provide accurate information on expected registration/delivery dates for the vehicle to help us to manage the grant as efficiently as possible.

Cancelling Orders
OZEV continue to automatically cancel orders which have not completed within the relevant order expiry date. Orders that have been in the system for more than 9 months (or 12 months where the extension applies) and have not reached “completed”, “awaiting payment” or “awaiting audit” status will be cancelled by the portal administrators.