Recently the news has been full of stories about long queues of worried motorists panic buying fuel. Worse still is the price increases stations have been adding – 15 pence in two hours at a petrol station in Kent, according to Howard Cox, the founder of Fair Fuel UK.

So, at the beginning of this week, while pumps close and MPs advise us there is “no shortage of fuel” –how far can your fleet travel and still be productive?

Don’t worry, there are changes you can control that will make significant fuel savings. FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS introduces My Transport Planner, a revolutionary on-demand transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

No hassle usage

This route optimisation software does not require complex IT integration, and there is no lengthy fixed term contract commitment. As a web-based pay-as-you-go platform, My Transport Planner provides all the benefits of operation optimisation without the hassle of implementation.

Simply purchase credits using a credit or debit card – and pay just 99p per credit for each vehicle route per day. Each credit entitles you to optimise each vehicle on an unlimited basis before saving your routes and allocating to your drivers.

There’s no minimum contract duration, no minimum vehicle numbers, and no limit on optimisation; simply use it when you need it!

Plenty of operator goals

The key benefits include reducing planning time, a reduction in total mileage by up to 20%, increased productivity, measurably lower costs, and decreased emissions. My Transport Planner can even optimise electric vehicles to ensure you work within their range capabilities but still maximise your return on investment.

Intelligent route planning is more than simply typing a postcode into a Satnav and finding the quickest route. It’s about managing the constraints of your operation, and My Transport Planner will help automate this efficiently and boost your bottom line. Here are four typical route planning tasks that are quite a headache to get right all at the same time when done manually.

Think about the weight a fleet is carrying

A vehicle’s loaded weight really can have a massive impact on fuel consumption levels. By ensuring the items that weigh the most are delivered first, you succeed in fuel efficiency. Another win is collecting the heaviest items last, which means you are only paying for the cost of transporting these items back to your depot rather than driving them around for the rest of the day.
My Transport Planner can remove the ‘heavy lifting’ element by automatically producing a route that can take advantage of this cost-saving strategy.

Circular distribution

Route optimisation means avoiding empty running journeys and incurring additional time and fuel costs. Planning a circular distribution involves planning collections and deliveries – so your vehicles and drivers do not work needlessly zigzag back and forth to the depot.My Transport Planner takes the pain out of this tricky and time-consuming task with its route planning software that can manage deliveries and collections as part of a single planning process.

MAXXING vehicle loads

With My Transport Planner, just input the weight data of your cargo with your vehicle details. It will be able to develop optimised routes and schedules that maximise vehicle fill while also considering all the other constraints such as truck-restricted and prohibited roads, thereby reducing operational costs.

Sticking to the plan

Sometimes real-life gets in the way of the best-made transport plans – such as fuel-panic-buying drivers. You can’t eliminate that problem, but My Transport Planner can reduce fuel costs by providing stations within a given radius on a designated route, dynamically sorted by pump price or within a fleet’s specific network of pre-approved fuelling locations.

Five simple steps

We know every transport operation is different but, in our experience, controlling costs is high up on every organisation’s agenda. My Transport Planner software is user-friendly, so you can start making savings straight away. For as little as 99p per day, using it can increase fuel economy by 30%.

The five simple steps are:

  1. Create an online account and buy credits to spend on each vehicle or route.
  2. Set up your resources such as depots, vehicles drivers, and other assets.
  3. Import all jobs such as deliveries collections visits or appointments.
  4. Allocate jobs by dragging and dropping to your preferred resources and allow My Transport Planner to optimise your routes. Or as we say, drag ‘n’ droptimise™ from the map, make manual changes and generate customer ETAs.
  5. Receive an optimised schedule which you can download or push to a mobile app and provide an accurate estimated time of arrivals to your customers.

My Transport Planner is a simple, intuitive, and affordable solution to transport planning.

You can choose between pay as you go or flexible monthly payment options for My Transport Planner.

And My Transport Planner Pro also offers an API-only version that allows you to embed or integrate our optimisation engine within your existing systems. This fluidity means you can truly tailor a package to suit both your budget and functionality requirements.

As well as journey planning, FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS offers an efficient fuel and mileage tracker, which can also help your business to save money on fuel. Our branded fuel cards also ensure that your company only pays for fuel that a driver uses during work time.

For more information on My Transport Planner, get in touch with FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS, visit