The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills offers two Hybrid/EV Level 3 training options to ensure that your technicians can confidently and safely work on hybrid and electric cars, both at preferential prices for NBRA members.


Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 – E-Learning

An e-learning option for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 is also available, allowing technicians to conveniently carry out training remotely.

Access to the online platform is available for 12 months then the practical assessment can be taken at your nearest RMI Academy or your premises, depending on facilities and location, minimising time away from the workshop.

Modules include:

  • Introduction: Electric drive, Efficiency, Loss of driving form, Energy density, Energy flow in hybrid vehicles
  • Safety Systems: Short circuit protection, Interlock, Enabling HV system, Permanent insulation monitoring
  • Working with EVs: working with voltage, working on hybrid vehicles, Voltage free switching HV system, Switching HV system to voltage free – software, Towing a hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set
  • Hybrid Systems: Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear system, Hybrid vehicle with planetary gear set – energy flows
  • Forms of Drive: Forms of drive, Semi-hybrid, Full hybrid, Plug-in hybrid, Electric vehicle with range extender, fully electric car, riving forms – recognise
  • Electric Motors: Rotating magnetic field, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, Synchronous motor with permanent magnet – operation, Squirrel cage induction motor, Squirrel cage induction motor – operation
  • HV Components: HV cables, HV battery, Resolver, DC/DC converter, DC/DC converter – efficiency, DC/DC converter – operation, Inverter, Inverter – operation
  • Charging Systems: Charging, Charging connector, Charging modes, Charging cable, Charger, Charging station, Charging system, Charging protocol
  • Battery Management Systems: Battery Management Systems, State of Charge, Battery balancing, Passive balancing, State of Health


Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 – Classroom Training

This is a 3-day course held at RMI Academy sites in Southam, Runcorn, Lincoln and Winchester. It is suitable for technicians who diagnose faults and carry out repair and replacements on HEVs, qualified to a minimum of Level 3 in Vehicle Repair and Maintenance and/or equivalent.

The course covers the technology associated with the present generation of hybrid, electric and alternative fuelled vehicles to gain a thorough understanding of how different types of electric vehicles function, with a strong emphasis on safe working practices. Topics of study include:

  • The correct methods for shutting down and isolating high voltage systems
  • The correct measurement procedures and approved tools
  • The layout and construction of hybrid and electric drive powertrain systems and the identification of key components
  • The principles of high voltage battery construction, management and monitoring systems
  • The design, construction and operating principles of three phase, brushless motor/generator systems
  • The control systems required for efficient operation, and methods of electrical rectification and regulation
  • The transmission system operating principles of current hybrids
  • The diagnosis of system faults and monitoring of live data using suitable diagnostic equipment

Where candidates have attended an HEV Level 2 course within the last 2 years, a 2-day Level 3 conversion course is available. This revisits the Level 2 and carries straight onto the Level 3 element.


Book a Course

Both HEV Level 3 training options cost £600 + VAT for RMI members, saving £150 on the standard price.

Please call 01788 533 399 or email to book a course or make an enquiry. You can also visit for further information and course calendars.

About the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills

Established for the benefit of the industry by the RMI, the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills has no commercial interests and exists only to support your garage business.

A wide range of weekly MOT, annual and technical training is available at sites in Runcorn, Southam, Lincoln and Winchester, to ensure you always have access to top quality, cost-effective training when you need it. All courses are led by their experienced in-house training team who speak your language and offer a wealth of practical, real-world advice.