“Thank you to our members who completed the Snap Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) survey.

Following the introduction of IIR at the end of March, we were keen to understand how this has been received in the market and the impact it is having on repairers.

The NBRA agrees that having some guidance on ADAS is the right thing to do. It is important that each repair is fully researched and ADAS identified, in order that the vehicle is repaired and recalibrated properly by trained staff to fully reinstate the vehicle as per the manufacturers’ intended standard.

The survey found that 62.5% of those surveyed were being asked to comply with IIR, leaving a surprisingly high 37.5% not being asked by their work provider.  The process on average is taking approximately 50 minutes from start to end for the labour element of pre-scan, method research, report writing etc.  When total cost of software licences and tech ADAS training is taken into consideration divided by jobs with ADAS recalibration necessary, this adds a further cost.  None of those surveyed were receiving a payment for this additional, but essential task yet which broadly speaking is not particularly well understood by many repairers, insurers and engineers alike.

In order to address this properly, NBRA with the support of its Exec will be producing a full report on what the Repair Industry requires in respect of IIR.  We believe it is absolutely the right thing to do for the customer and we would never want to see a customer’s safety put at risk by a repairer being tempted to omit all or part of an essential process simply because they are not being compensated for it.

The Repair Industry Requirements (RIR) for ADAS will be the first of a series of published documents that will begin to set out what the repair industry needs in order to remain safe, sustainable and compliant.  Within this document using data driven from this survey, we will launch the suggested charges which we will expect repairers to receive if we are to take safety seriously as a collective industry.”

Chris Weeks

National Body Repair Association Director