The iRG Apprenticeship Programme has encountered its share of challenges in the industry over the past few years. One of the major hurdles has been the shortage of skilled staff, especially due to the declining interest of young candidates in joining the industry.

To address this issue, in March of this year, the company’s Commercial Manager was entrusted with the task of establishing a new apprenticeship programme. The primary objective was to educate people outside the industry about the company’s offerings, eliminate stereotypical perceptions, and promote the industry as an attractive, progressive, diverse, and financially rewarding career path.

The efforts invested in the programme have yielded remarkable results, bridging the gap of young talent entering the industry. With great focus and dedication, the company has successfully recruited 15 new apprentices within just three months, filling all current vacancies and strengthening their existing team.

Now, the company aims to extend the programme by collaborating with fellow repairers, seeking to collectively nurture and mentor young talent to reinforce the industry further.

The overwhelming positive response to the programme is evident by the growing number of potential candidates on the waiting list, showing significant interest in joining. The company is committed to supporting these candidates in finding suitable placements, even beyond their own business premises. Currently, there are 10 candidates waiting to be placed within Cardiff, Rhondda, and surrounding areas, demonstrating the impact and demand for such initiatives.

The company’s approach of working together with local repairers may be unconventional, as competitors traditionally view each other with rivalry. However, iRG’s focus is on ensuring a strong and sustainable future for both their organization and the industry as a whole, and they recognize that collaboration is key to achieving this common goal.

For those interested in being part of this positive change and learning more about the iRG Apprenticeship Programme, they are encouraged to get in touch today via email at Together, they can strengthen the future of the industry.