The Department for Transport (DfT) has provided further details to the National Body Repair Association (NBRA) about the new EU legislation regarding Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA).

In a letter in response to an enquiry made on behalf of NBRA, the DfT has confirmed the new EU legislation regarding Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) is scheduled to apply to new vehicle types in the EU from July 2022 and all new registrations from 2024.

In the EU, a speed warning system will be compulsory in all new cars, vans, goods vehicles, buses, and electric vehicles. Motorcycles and mopeds will remain exempt from this new legislation.

ISA intends to encourage drivers to observe the speed limit. The system will not limit speed and can also be deactivated by the driver but will reactivate each time the vehicle is restarted.

There are currently no mandates on speed warning systems such as ISA on new vehicles in Great Britain. However, many vehicles are already fitted with this technology to earn higher ratings on the EuroNCAP (European New Car Assessment Protocol).

The DfT said it is considering new vehicle technologies, including ISA, to aid road safety. New road technologies are currently under consideration whether these technologies should be compulsory in new vehicles sold in the UK and which vehicle’ categories they should apply to once a new ‘GB type approval scheme’ is in place. The DfT mentioned that this would be ready by mid-2022

Chris Weeks, NBRA Director said “Consumer safety is paramount and welcomed by NBRA, however, we are concerned about the impact this will have on the repair industry. We will not oppose any measures that increase consumer safety, but we will be watching the impact this technology has on claim frequency in the EU in order to understand the knock-on effect it may have in the UK.”



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