North East Accident Repair Centres are pleased to announce that all three sites have achieved Carbon Neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060.

North East Accident Repair Centres have worked alongside Purchase Direct to achieve the PAS 2060 status. Purchase Direct have established the Carbon Footprint and supported North East Accident Repair Centres to implement a Carbon Management Plan within the business.

Roger Collings from North East Commented, “The business has always been conscious of our impact on the environment and was one of the first bodyshops to switch to LED lighting in 2017. We continue to invest in technology to reduce our Carbon Footprint and in the next few months will be replacing three Spraybooths at our Newcastle Branch”.

In addition, North East Accident Repair Centres have declared their commitment to Carbon Neutrality throughout 2022, and the company will continue to work with Purchase Direct and implement the Carbon Management Plan to continually reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Emma Callicott, a Senior Energy Advisor at Purchase Direct, commented “It’s great to see that North East Accident Repair Centres are committed to ongoing Carbon Neutrality for their business. The drive for an environmentally friendly automotive bodyshop from Roger and his team has always been on their agenda, but formalising the achievement through the credible PAS 2060 standard further shows their dedication to reducing their Carbon Footprint. We look forward to assisting them on their ongoing Carbon Neutral journey.”