NFDA Attends Zemo Partnership Meeting on the Formation of the Net Zero Transport Council

In a significant move towards accelerating the decarbonization of the UK’s transportation sector, the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) has attended a crucial meeting focused on the formation of the Council for Net Zero Transport. The council, convened by Zemo Partnership, brings together senior stakeholders from various sectors to guide the nation’s transition into the pivotal delivery phase of transport decarbonization.

Chaired by Lord Deben, former UK Environment Secretary and Chair of the Climate Change Committee, the Council aims to engage leaders from government, industry, and academia. Their collective goal is to provide strategic direction and focus for Zemo Partnership, fostering a collaborative effort to drive road transport decarbonization.

Lord Deben emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change, citing transport as responsible for over a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. He stated, “we must effectively decarbonize transport for our environment, and we will reap rewards both politically and economically from doing so.”

Claire Haigh, the newly appointed Executive Director of Zemo, acknowledged the complexity of decarbonizing transport as a vital and challenging aspect of the UK’s legally binding net-zero targets. She stressed the need for nuanced and cross-sectoral policy prescriptions and highlighted the importance of full participation from government, industry, consumers, and operators for a successful outcome.

Zemo Partnership, a not-for-profit organization with over two decades of experience, has been providing unbiased guidance to the government and industry to accelerate road transport decarbonization. As a trailblazer project, Zemo Partnership also announced an ambitious initiative on behalf of the Welsh Government – the Welsh Commercial Vehicle Decarbonization program.

This groundbreaking project will develop a bespoke strategy for Wales, focusing on heavy and light-duty commercial vehicles. The strategy will explore sustainable fuels, electrification, and the potential role of hydrogen. Zemo Partnership will collaborate closely with the Government of Wales to formulate the strategy and establish pathways for its successful implementation.

Welcoming this initiative, Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change in the Government for Wales, expressed excitement about the project’s potential to stimulate and accelerate the decarbonisation of commercial vehicles in Wales, a key challenge on the path to net zero.

Philip Sellwood CBE, Chair of Zemo Partnership, commented on the significance of the new Council for Net Zero Transport and the collaboration with the Welsh Government. He stated, “we’ll be working even more closely with our wide-ranging membership to focus on what we need to do together to deliver the targets in the best interests of our environment and the UK’s industrial future.” The developments mark a crucial moment in the ongoing efforts towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the UK’s transport sector.