RMI Coronavirus Briefing – 12.08.2021


The UK Government has confirmed it is pressing ahead with allowing those who are double-vaccinated avoid self-isolation if they come into contact with an individual(s) who test positive for Covid-19.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Self-Isolation) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 provide that, from 16 August 2021, the following individuals will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if they are identified by NHS Test and Trace as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case:

  • Those aged 18 or under
  • Those who have been: (a) double vaccinated; and (b) who had their second COVID-19 vaccination at least two weeks prior to coming into close contact with the positive case

Young people and double vaccinated individuals identified as close contacts will continue to be advised to take a PCR test, to detect the virus and variants of concern. Anyone who tests positive following the PCR test will still be legally required to self-isolate, irrespective of their vaccination status.

NHS COVID-19 app will update in August in line with the new guidance on self-isolation for close contacts.

The regulations contain a transitional provision in (regulation 2(9)), which is designed to deal with self-isolation notices which cross-over the 16 August. This transitional provision means that:

  • If the individual meets the qualifying criteria (ie they are under 18, or became double vaccinated at least two weeks prior to coming into close contact with a positive case), then their duty to self-isolate ends at the beginning of 16 August 2021 (meaning that their last day of mandatory self-isolation will be 15 August 2021).
  • If the individual does not meet the qualifying criteria, they must continue to self-isolate until the period specified in their self-isolation notice expires.