REVAMP Training Limited is a commercial organisation who have secured full funding for this work through UK Government. But please note that any interested company should have a registered business address in North East England.

REVAMP Training Ltd are looking to undertake the training in various locations across North East England from 22nd November and for electrification (battery courses), the duration of each course will be 1 week (this is Monday – Friday inclusive) and each course consisting of 16 individuals. There will be 10 courses in total through November, December, January, and February 2022.Hydrogen courses will again be over 1 week’s duration (Monday – Friday inclusive), commencing February 2022 and each course consisting of 10 individuals. There will be 4 courses in total.

The electrification courses will focus upon 4 main themes; Battery Technology Fundamentals, Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacture and Energy Storage, Lithium-Ion Battery Health and Safety and Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling and Repurposing.

For Hydrogen, the course is being developed in conjunction with industrial needs but will commence with Awareness of Hydrogen and Hydrogen Technologies, Hydrogen Fundamentals, Hydrogen Manufacture and Safety, Hydrogen Distribution and Safety, Hydrogen Safety, Storage and Handling and Training and Competency Requirements.

If your business falls within the North East LEP area you will be eligible. Due to expected demand, interested companies should inform us at the earliest opportunity.

For more information contact:


t: 01642 220778