NBRA wishes to congratulate both Vizion and AXA on a recent change that has hit the market.  Vizion has announced that as part of the next phase of their collaborative planning, AXA has authorised significant changes to their rate cards, in both BS10125 and our Vehicle Manufacturer specific networks.

The inflation-linked review will provide a circa 8.5% increase in labour rates and a reduction in the BS10125 parts discount, reducing this to 10%.

Chris McKie said “I would like to take the opportunity to thank AXA for their pragmatic approach and for their ongoing support of Vizion and our network. These elements, this collaboration, makes all our lives that little bit easier, more profitable, and is essential to make these and other changes possible and sustainable.”

NBRA has to applaud this inflation-linked approach to contractual terms that have been missing from the market for many years and would love to see other insurers follow suit on the great collaborative effort between Vizion and AXA