Premier Group is the latest company to join the NBRA. We welcome Phil Ashley and his team into membership.

On joining the NBRA Phil had this to say, “If you were like myself and always loved what NBRA did for our industry but couldn’t quite make that leap to join well all I can say is there has never been a better time to make that leap and join our industry leading association. We as bodyshops need to all come together and stand up too what we all deserve.

What we all do is nothing short of amazing if you compare us to other industries and this should be rewarded. The technology we see on a day-to-day basis is incredible and is growing so fast. For us to be able to keep up with these changes we are investing in more training and more equipment which all come at a very large cost. Unfortunately, we can’t keep soaking up these costs and things must change, this is where NBRA can help.

We need to make our industry more appealing to school leavers to fix our skills shortage by offering more training, better places to work and higher salaries that match the high level of skill we all have. At the end of the day, we all have the responsibility to repair the customers car to a very safe and very high standard and for us all to achieve this we must all come together and make changes happen which is why I’m supporting NBRA.”

NBRA Director, Chris Weeks added, “NBRA are thrilled to have Phil and Premier Group join the association.  We continue to grow in strength, get louder and attract amazing business minds who are involved for the right reasons.  Welcome on board!”