Some of you may have heard of Auto-Motivate and others not. Some of you may know of Mike Monaghan, who’s been around the industry for over 46 years. Well, Mike today is Auto-Motivate and he has combined his 46 years of industry experience globally to create Auto-Motivate. The industry’s only specialist company in human performance development training.
The one thing we all know is everything changes, yet in so many cases the one’s who struggle most with change is us; people!

We have our safe or comfort zones, we generally like familiarity, it helps us manage our complex and busy lives. We typically have two main modes of thinking, our default mode, which gets us through the day and our active mode, the time when we must shift our thinking.  Around 96% of our daily lives is spent in default mode.
This allows us to complete most daily tasks without really thinking about them in a fully conscious way. Our active mode is when we encounter something we are unfamiliar with or a challenge. Then we must begin to think differently!

So much of what we are familiar with, also means change can be challenging or difficult. It can and often does bring with it feelings, emotions, conflict, and arguments.

This is where so much of our time and effort is spent either rebalancing our own thought’s or trying to appease others. All of this distracts from the main purpose of living and being happy at home or at work, the two are almost intrinsically linked.

Auto-Motivates training and coaching models are for staff of all ages and roles is about helping the individual or the business increase its performance through ‘mindset development’.

The study of neurosciences and human behaviours is well established in elite sport and with corporate world class giants, like Apple, Microsoft, Lego and is now available to the automotive industry, delivered by someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the sector. Combining the two is introducing a completely new way to think about learning and development for the industry.

The training ranges from a 1 day course, through to management and leadership courses. These can be delivered via Zoom or on-site.

Mike asks one key question for you as the reader: how much time in a working day, week, month or year is lost to having to manage the emotional roller-coaster of yourself and others trying to keep focussed and motivated?  I’m certain if you added it up, the result may very well surprise you!

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