Calibration experts taking ‘pain’ out of ADAS for bodyshops

An ADAS, diagnostic and calibration specialist is gearing up for growth as demand for its products and services has increased tenfold over the last six months.

A1 ADAS Solutions says the company’s biggest growth area is in mobile ADAS calibration, diagnostics, and programming. Its fleet of fully-equipped vans have seen demand grow from bodyshops across the UK.

Iain Molloy, managing director, said: “We work in a niche but fast-growing sector of the aftermarket.

“A1 ADAS Solutions is one of only a few companies to offer an ADAS and diagnostics ‘done for you’ service, either in person or remotely, in addition to an ADAS and diagnostics ‘set up for you’ service as a product distributor.

“It’s a strategy that’s paying dividends. By providing a full product, support, and service package, we’re fast becoming the go-to for anything ADAS and diagnostics related.”

With ADAS calibration becoming an essential part of many everyday vehicle repairs, bodyshops have a duty of care to ensure that by the time a vehicle leaves the garage, its ADAS system is behaving as the manufacturer intended.

Simple repairs such as adjusting the wheel alignment or removing a bumper could have safety implications for a driver relying on an ADAS system that has been disrupted and not recalibrated.

Iain says the growing demand for ADAS services can be a ‘pain’ for many bodyshop owners.

He continued: “It isn’t something everyone wants to specialise in, but equally, there are those who do want to invest.

“As a company that literally lives and breathe ADAS, we decided to help bodyshops with either route. We not only supply ADAS and diagnostic equipment and provide training, but we also supply ADAS as a direct service to those who don’t want to invest in equipment or have the liability of carrying out the work themselves.

“And with the IMI reporting that there’s only around 3,000 ADAS certified technicians servicing the UK car parc, and that 106,000 will be needed by 2030, it’s imperative that bodyshops either invest in ADAS equipment, or forge working partnerships with people like us to carry out the work for them.

“By 2030, it’s also estimated 44 percent of cars will have level 2 autonomy. This makes ADAS is a real growth area, not just for us, but for our bodyshop customers too.”