Farécla is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, featuring an advanced Solution Finder to cater to the needs of bodyshop, marine and industrial professionals and a dedicated distributor eShop for the convenience of distribution partners. The redeveloped website, www.farecla.com, revolutionises how professional refinishers and distributors access Farécla’s expert knowledge and product catalogue. Central to the website is the innovative Solution Finder – an intuitive guide to achieving the perfect finish for any task on any surface.

This easy-to-use resource is designed to support surface finishing professionals by simplifying the product selection process and ensuring easy access to relevant process guidance either in video or recommended process chart format. The Solution Finder puts Farécla’s 70-plus years’ of surface finishing expertise at the user’s fingertips, allowing polishers – from the most to the least experienced – to avoid the common pitfalls of polishing and confidently and quickly achieve results they can feel proud of.

In addition to process guidance, the website showcases Farécla’s latest product innovations, which include the G360 Super Fast Polishing System – Complete Kit, beneficiary of Farécla’s proprietary engineered abrasives. The line-up also features state-of-the-art battery-powered polishing machines, alongside precision-engineered check lights, all ensuring top-tier finishes with greater efficiency and ease. Complementing the website’s educational resources, Farécla’s eShop, is an exclusive platform for distributors that optimises the procurement process. It’s a robust channel for Farécla’s distribution partners to manage their accounts, track orders, and discover products that align with their customers’ needs – all tailored to enhance the distributor experience and foster business growth.

Farécla’s commitment to delivering permanent results and labour-saving solutions is reflected in the company’s digital transformation. The new website and distributor eShop not only serve as showcases for Farécla’s innovative product range but also stand as a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality assurance and expertise in the surface finishing industry.