Now more than ever we must do our part for the environment – before it’s too late. We are urged to recycle more, consume less and buy less – to help in any way we can. When it comes to travel, we are told to fly less, to use the bus, buy an electric vehicle and drive less.


So how does this transfer to the automotive industry? We know the sale of petrol cars is being ceased by 2030 and hybrid cars are being made more readily available, but there is another piece of the puzzle that can help.


This puzzle piece is green parts, otherwise known as recycled or used car parts, used by garages and body shops to refurbish, or repair vehicles. Although this isn’t necessarily a new concept to automotive professionals, the industry as a whole should be encouraging widespread use of recycled car parts when it comes to vehicle repair. Repairers also need to be discussing green parts more frequently with their customers, highlighting why they are a great future option for sustainability in vehicles, especially in light of the target of 95 per cent of cars being recycled or reused safely at the end of their life.


Green parts boast many benefits:


  • They are low cost: making them less expensive for both repairers and end customers.
  • Ease of availability: high-quality green parts are usually easily accessible on the market; this means that buying recycled parts is often easier than sourcing new ones. This speeds up the repair process, cutting key-to-key times, allowing for less stress on vehicle repairers and a better reputation with customers.
  • The sustainability factor: green parts really do impact the automotive industry positively in being more environmentally responsible. Energy usage is reduced as there is no need to re-create more parts, and traffic pollution is reduced as the parts will be domestically supplied, which will reduce the volume of imported car parts.


Increasing demand for green parts


In 2019, a study of 250 drivers by Allianz Insurance showed that 69 per cent of motorists would choose to use green replacement parts to repair their vehicles, yet there was still 31 per cent who were unsure or not keen on the concept. It is thought that this uncertainty comes down to assumptions that green parts are more expensive, not reliable enough, or because motorists don’t understand how the process works. However, it’s reassuring to hear that a staggering 77 per cent of respondents said the main reason for choosing recycled parts was to protect the environment.


eBay Green Parts for Business estimates that if the UK increases the use of recycled car parts by only 10 per cent it will avoid 390,000 vehicle parts going to landfill each year, saving nearly 190,000 tonnes in carbon emissions.


Equally, if this was the response from vehicle users in 2019, why is there still reluctance around using green parts? Let’s dive into some common misconceptions and give you, the repairer, the ammunition to sell this repair method.



Myth: Recycled parts can’t be a good as new ones from a manufacturer.

Truth: Recycled parts possess the same functionality as original parts and there will be no change in performance. Often recycled parts can function better than an original because dealers repair and revise them to be improved. Before any recycled part is bought and used, it goes under inspection by technicians to see what condition it is in. They ensure it’s safe, fits correctly and is of high-end quality.


Myth: The car may not look the same using recycled parts.

Truth: In terms of the look of the car, parts such as lights and doors will appear the same. If needed paint and other tricks and techniques can be used to ensure consistency of the look and feel of the car.


Myth: Recycled parts will cost more money (either in the short or long run).

Truth: The affordability of green parts is one of the main benefits of using them. Using a recycled part can often save the customer up to 70 per cent compared to new ones.


Myth: Used car parts won’t keep my car working for as long.

Truth: This isn’t always true. Take car doors for example. Even those that have been used before, will have been checked, will have a considerable usage time and will be in top condition. So over the life of a vehicle, nothing is compromised.


Myth:  Used car parts will void your car warranty.

Truth: It’s very unlikely your warranty will be voided by using recycled parts.

This is a large reason why there is uncertainty around green parts, when there needn’t be. The only time a warranty may be voided is if the parts used to fix your car cause issues or damage to other car parts that previously worked fine. This is only likely to happen if an unqualified vehicle repairer installs the parts incorrectly, or they aren’t inspected thoroughly enough. Always make sure to check the warranty of your vehicle to fully understand the terms and conditions policy.


Myth: Green parts aren’t as safe as new ones.

Truth: Untrue. Recycled parts are rigorously tested, checked, and inspected to a high standard and should be double-checked when reaching the vehicle repairer too. One of the safest way to buy used parts is from approved members of the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (the VRA, formerly the MVDA). A VRA membership is a great indication that the company has a high quality of product, backed by a warranty.


So, with all this in mind, why should you consider green parts?


eBay Green Parts for Business is the largest online aggregator of independent certified sellers of recycled parts in the UK. Created to help build confidence with consumers around purchasing green parts is what leads the business every day. This is done via: savings of up to 70% versus OEM parts RRP, next day delivery available on over 90% of parts, and a carbon calculator available totalling savings with every purchase. The platform was developed in collaboration with the Vehicle Recycling Association (VRA) to ensure safety and professionalism with every purchase of green parts.


Vehicle repairers can, and must, play a positive role in helping to implement the use of green parts. Over half of drivers admit they look to the repairer to give the best advice, and they trust their judgement. The benefits of using green parts are clear for both repairers and end customers, so now it all comes down to having the confidence to tell the green parts story.




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