H.A.V. Technologies specialise in Site Risk Assessments, Hand Arm Vibration Testing and Noise Audits within the UK and Ireland.

The first thing they tried to produce was a hand-arm vibration (HAV) warning system where the results were simple to understand.

The second thing was to make it simple for the Site Contact to react to any suggested remedial actions, plus what these should be.

To achieve this, they ensured that upon completing the HAV testing, their engineer will sit down with the Site Contact to explain:

  • What the Data means and how to interpret it
  • Go through any suggested Remedial Actions and explain what the Site Contact must do to ensure all the Hand-Held Power Tools onsite are Safe & Legal to use.
  • Give the Site Contact hard copies of the individual tool list for each Technician for both their own and any Company Tools they may use.
  • Show the Site Contact how to log in to our Web Portal (24/7) using their unique encrypted password.

Within 72 hours of the completion of the onsite testing, they will send the Site Contact emails covering the following test procedures.

  • A1 Master Tool Data contains details of every Power Tool Tested.
  • A3 Dealer Actions, if the Site Contact requires any actions, they are in here.
  • A4 An individual synopsis of the testing for each site, ratifying the actions described in the A3 Dealer Actions folder.

Using their services for both HAV & Noise Audit testing means very little involvement by their site staff, any remedial actions required are explained in detail. Also combining the Workshop Noise Audit on the same day as the HAV Testing for £150 is a huge cost saving.


Find out more on their website: HAV Technology – Specialists In Hand Arm Vibration Testing (havtechnologies.co.uk)