NBRA have teamed up with Supplier Member, Stanners Equipment, on the subject of Riveting…

On Tuesday 9th March, the National Body Repair Association (NBRA) hosted their fifth successive webinar which focused on why repairers should ‘rivet’.

The webinar featured NBRA Technical Manager, Thomas Hudd and NBRA Commercial Area Manager, Gerry Braddock, sat down virtually with John Stanners, Managing Director of Stanners Equpiment

The webinar offered an in-depth exploration the joining process to rivets, the pitfalls to watch out for and the assistance that is available if you need technical help or advise on any of the equipment or rivets!

Thomas Hudd, NBRA Technical Manager commented: “It was great to share a webinar on such an important subject as structural riveting and one that causes confusion within the industry, it is clear that John Stanners has a deep knowledge & passion on the subject and is offering free advice and in some instances an opportunity for Stanners to give practical on site assistance.”

Contact Stanners?

If you are interested in these incredible products, or have any questions for Stanners Equipment, you can contact John Stanners at jd@stanners-equipment.co.uk or 07710 080063

Alternatively, you can contact the NBRA technical team at bodyshops@rmif.co.uk.