On April 18 and 19, Thomas Hudd, NBRA and VBRA National Technical Manager attended the Commercial Vehicle Show.
Tom held two presentations in the workshop theatre where he discussed the importance of certified repairs and the Elite Truck and Van Body Repair Standard.

It was a pleasure to see so many people attending and having many interesting questions about the standard.

Sean Harper, fleet supply chain manager at S&G response, says his company can see significance benefits in the Elite Truck Standard and echoes the importance of safety underpinning the need for certified repair work.

“For a fleet manager, vehicle safety should be a top priority. This is because there are many benefits to having a safety fleet. It helps protect drivers, reduces costs, improves productivity, maintains compliance, and protects the company’s fleet managers can ensure that their fleets operate efficiently and effectively while keeping their drivers safe and secure on the road.” he explains.


During the Commercial Vehicle Show, the HVS’ new Hydrogen Commercial Vehicle was launched.

Chief Engineer Abdul Waheed attended Tom Hudd’s presentation and they highlighted the values of the Elite Truck Standard for safe repairs and the importance of training and repairing vehicles to the manufacturer’s standard.

HVS is the hydrogen-electric truck manufacturer transforming the industry. With net zero requirements fast approaching, their new-to-market hydrogen trucks are a smarter solution compared to battery-powered alternatives. think heavier payloads, longer ranges, and faster refuels. let’s work together to achieve climate goals by helping heavy-duty fleets to go carbon-free.


If you would like more information on HVS and their hydrogen-electric trucks, email info@hvs.co.uk or visit their website at www.hvs.co.uk