From 15th December 2023, some changes will take effect in the O1-O4 IVA Inspection Manual.

What are the changes?

In Version 12 of the O1-O4 IVA Inspection Manual, changes have been made to the following sections:


Rear Protective Devices (Under Run)

Steering Effort

Statutory Plates

Installation of Lights

Retro Reflectors

Direction Indicators

Rear Registration Lamps

Spray Suppression


Masses and Dimensions

Electrical Safety

Glossary of Terms

These changes are explained in the new ’version control and release notes’ section at the beginning of the manual and in the ‘Record of revision’ page for each section.

We have highlighted a few of the key updates below:

Statutory Plates: new requirements added to incorporate Longer semi-trailers (LSTs)

Installation of Lights: revised diagrams to clarify the ‘view to the front’ and ‘view to the rear’ of vehicles; clarification of fixed position of a movable component

Retro Reflectors: improved format and clarification of requirements in Figures 4 & 5, improved format of diagrams in Part III

Masses and Dimensions: new required standards applicable to LSTs; added more items to width and length exemptions in Annex 1

Electrical Safety: New section added

The updated manual can viewed online: Individual Vehicle Approval: Inspection Manual: Trailers – GOV.UK