The UK government has just made some significant updates to its zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate.


  1. Smoothing of ZEV Van Targets: Starting from the upcoming year, the required percentage of ZEVs in the market will increase gradually, potentially affecting the demand for repair and maintenance services on electric vans.
  2. Van Battery Warranty Adjustment: The van battery warranty requirement has been modified to align with international standards.
  3. ZEV Range Requirement and ‘Grandfather’ Clause: The minimum ZEV range requirement has been set at 100 miles, with a ‘grandfather’ clause for ZEVs approved before the legislation’s effective date.
  4. Emissions Clarification: The government has clarified that zero emissions mean 0g CO2 emissions emitted at the exhaust according to existing regulatory test procedures.
  5. Final Compliance Payments for Vans: In 2024, final compliance payments for vans are set at £9,000.

The annual car trajectories remain unchanged at the following:

Please find the amended van annual trajectories here:

The link to the consultation response can be found here and press notice here.